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Yard Water Conservation Tip from Dorothy

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We conserved water by relying on our established trees and plants to survive on their own without any supplemental watering. Any flowers or fruit that were produced were counted as a bonus. This year we really appreciated our grape vines that produced enough for us, plus some to share.

Yard Conservation Tip from Amanda

Kids have been bathing in this little orange bucket (and loving it!). We let it fill while the older one showers then it is the perfect temp to bath the little. The grey water is then hauled outside for watering the garden, the bucket makes the hauling easier too 🙂

Rain Barrel Program

Morden, Winkler, and the RM of Stanley are working together to reduce water consumption in light of the extreme drought conditions in the region.

As a result, a new program to provide rain barrels at a cost-shared rate to residents has been developed.

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Joint media release from Morden, Winkler, Stanley – State of Drought Emergency

The cities of Morden and Winkler, along with the RM of Stanley, have each recently declared a State of Drought Emergency as per a recommendation from the Pembina Valley Water Coop (PVWC). This declaration was resolved to emphasize the severity of the situation we are facing as well as to open additional communication with higher levels of government as we work towards both immediate strategies as well as long-term solutions.

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Week 3 Winners – Water Conservation Challenge

We are excited to announce this week’s winners of the Water Conservation Challenge Draw! Ayne Wieler won the rain barrel, Anna Dueck won the home water conservation kit, and Emery Sawatzky won the youth water conservation kit. Click the links to be inspired by their water conservation actions, or read all the entries!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Our next draw will take place on July 30 and will include new and previous submissions.