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Home Conservation Tips from Alicia

Alicia Buhler is taking our current water shortage to heart and offered five tips that she has put into practice in her home. The City of Morden is encouraging all residents to share their ideas with a community contest. The prizes sponsored by generous local businesses will also help you in your water conservation efforts. Get inspired by the ideas that come in and share yours!

5 Home Conservation Tips

  1. We have a plastic basin in our bathroom sink to catch our hand washing water which we use in the garden or to flush the toilet

2. We have a pail in our shower to catch the water as it heats up; we then use the water in our garden or to flush the toilet.

3. We have a plastic basin in the kitchen sink for washing dishes; we pour the dish water onto our outdoor plants; we also have a water pitcher and water bottles near the sink the we fill while waiting for the water to heat up for washing dishes.

4. A spray mop uses 1 cup of water weekly rather than a whole bucket for washing floors.

5. (no photo) – we’ve been using disposable diapers rather than our cloth diapers more often to save on wash water.

6. Using a baby bath or rubbermaid for children’s baths.

7. Self-explanatory 🙂

Thank you to Alicia Buhler for sharing these home water conservation tips! Alicia is now entered into the Home Water Conservation Challenge Draw! Make sure you submit your tips with photo or video to also be included in the draw. Get details on the contest page.