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A Home Conservation Message from Angela

Angela Sawatzky shared the following as part of our Home Water Conservation Challenge.

Conserving Water has become an extremely urgent matter for Morden residents!

I have been collecting my sink water and bath water (I have also cut back on number of baths in a week that was a hard one) since the restrictions were put in place and I am amazed at how quickly it adds up. Every bit counts! Let’s each do our part and conserve! 

I would not consider myself a person who wastes water, but it very quickly became clear just how much water a person uses without realizing it. This is the water collected in my bathroom sink after Ethan and I washed our hands throughout the day! Wow!

Now I have water for my plants. They will be happy! Or water to flush my toilet! 

It was also a teaching moment for Ethan on the importance of not wasting water. He too was amazed at how quickly it accumulates! 

Thank you to Angela Sawatzky for sharing these home water conservation tips! Angela is now entered into the Home Water Conservation Challenge Draw! Make sure you submit your tips with photo or video to also be included in the draw. Get details on the contest page.