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Insulate pipes and faucets

Insulate Pipes and Faucets for Water Conservation

Insulating pipes and faucets in your home is essential for conserving water and preventing wastage. Learn how to insulate pipes, why it’s important, and the environmental and economic impact it can have. Take a step towards sustainable living in Morden.

Winter Water Conservation: Taking Action in Morden

Discover the importance of water conservation in Morden, Manitoba, during winter. Explore practical tips to reduce water usage, insulate pipes, collect snowmelt, and repair leaks. Join us in preserving our water resources for a sustainable future.

Tree Watering Advisory

The City of Morden, Parks and Urban Forestry department would like to ask for the community’s assistance in watering boulevard trees. Due to low soil moisture conditions and above-average temperatures trees are at risk of becoming moisture stressed. Once stressed trees are more susceptible to… Read More »Tree Watering Advisory