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Tree Watering Advisory

The City of Morden, Parks and Urban Forestry department would like to ask for the community’s assistance in watering boulevard trees. Due to low soil moisture conditions and above-average temperatures trees are at risk of becoming moisture stressed. Once stressed trees are more susceptible to… Read More »Tree Watering Advisory

Morden Drought Plan – January 2022

With this plan, we have identified actions needed during our current situation and the long-term changes that our community can make to reduce the likelihood of another extreme drought.

Water Increase Notice

The City of Morden is projecting to increase the amount of water purchased from Pembina Valley Water Cooperative (PVWC) from 5% (2020 figure) to 23% due to the current drought situation. The existing City of Morden rates were set considering that only 5% of the… Read More »Water Increase Notice

Water Conservation Tips from Mr. Elias Grade 8 Class

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Our Grade 8 coloured posters from Morden’s Water Conservation Colouring Book. Turns out we really like colouring. We also designed a few original posters. The activity led to some good conversations about saving water. Every drop counts!